I can't believe I'm a mother! Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted a baby. So after a lot of world travel and a few great careers, I'm now on maternity leave for a year fulfilling all my house wife fantasies. What I'd under estimated though was the profound effect it would have on how I look and interact with the world now. My focuses have changed, heart has swelled, fears erupted, muscles ached and inner strength been challenged. This blog is me detailing some of the interesting topics I have encountered or wished I already knew before motherhood while attempting to retain my sanity along the way. If there is something you think I'd be interested in please let me know!

June 15, 2010

Life is wonderfully ridiculous!

Life with a baby is quite simply crazy in both a good and bad way! I've found myself as one of those mothers I swore I'd never be: dropping the contents of the bag, sweating, baby crying and in the middle of a zebra crossing with waiting traffic- argh! Sometime I just don't know if crying or laughing would best suit the situation.
To make the very early morning pram push a little more interesting I often listen to podcasts with the 'This I Believe' series on National Public Radio America NPR a favourite. On a morning I really needed to hear it Claude Knobler's words on 'Life is wonderfully ridiculous' really put things into perspective. This few minute short story details his life of gorilla suit jobs and adopted ethiopian children, all of which he never thought his life would entail.
So when I change a nappy after mushrooms or like today hold Odessa overhead and she spews up into my own mouth (!) I am reminded just when I thought I had seen it all- life really is ridiculous!

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